Erika Lamour

Infant Sleep Specialist

Erika has been working in childcare for nearly a decade. She’s worked with Newborns, Toddlers, Special Needs, Multiples… and everything in between. Her curiosity in guiding babies to sleep began in 2012, and she quickly read every book she could get her hands on. She then completed qualified training courses in various sleep training techniques. Over the years, she would help out friends and families, before she took her growing passion and turned it into The Sleep Dept.

Erika has created her own gentle techniques that have had a 100% success rate. There is no better feeling than supporting families to not only find a solution to their families sleep issues, but one that they also feel comfortable with.

Erika is based in Sydney, but regularly travels interstate to work with families all over Australia. She also works remotely with many international clients.

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Audrey Marsh

Support Counsellor

Audrey has extensive experience in Social Work and Counselling. She has provided counselling to families, children and adolescents for over a decade. She has worked extensively with families of delinquents, refugees and children living in government organisations. Audrey is a mum of 3 and a ‘sometimes’ french teacher! She is always curious and eager to learn about all aspects of relationships, communication, children’s development and understanding why we behave the way we do! Audrey will help new families work out any issues that may arise from welcoming a new baby into the family. Sleep deprivation can cause anxiety, pre and post-natal depression, irritability, relationship problems and more… Audrey will work alongside you, as she gains a deeper understanding of you and your circumstances.

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We got our plan off The Sleep Dept when Rayne was 5 and a half months old. Rayne had spent the entire first 5 1/2 months waking up almost every hour through the night and not sleeping at all through the day. Fast forward to the day after we started the plan (no that’s not a joke- literally the day after) and Rayne was only waking twice a night, and napping three times a day! The plan just fit him perfectly, and since then we have been a much happier household! We could not recommend Erika from The Sleep Dept enough! She saved our lives!!!

– Shanice & Rayne

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