CASE STUDY #2 – Reflux, Dummy and Catnapping…

Baby’s Name – Miss G
Baby’s Age – 4 Months
Nap Issues – Catnapping
Nighttime Issues – Dummy + waking multiple times
Writing this has taken me some time, because I honestly can’t say enough good things about Erika and her ability to help families and their babies when it comes to sleep.
For those who know me, know that I tend to talk a lot and that is often reflected in my writing. But writing this review I wanted to keep it short and succinct (as possible) and hopefully for someone out there reading her reviews, my experience may be helpful, just as all those others were helpful for me.
Basically, I am an anxious mamma when it comes to children’s sleep. My past history with nannying and some experiences I had with babies and the habits they had with sleep, left me nervous and determined to make sure my bub wouldn’t be reliant on me to fall asleep every single time. I contacted Erika and months before she came out she was incredibly generous with her time and patient with the 100 questions I had (and continue to have). I knew my bub loved to sleep but her constant catnapping and reliance on the dummy (which was a great comforter to her in the first 4 months) began to restrict her ability to sleep longer and more deeply.
With Erika’s guidance and advice we ditched the dummy (with great ease surprisingly) and eventually gave up the early morning feed. Now, this took time and currently we are still working on some things. But in the last month we have helped our bub learn to sleep 11-12 hours at night independently and to learn to consolidate sleep in the day time.
This was NOT learnt through techniques such as CIO. The need to help our baby sleep was not only so we could get some rest, but to help her learn the art of sleeping which is not always a skill they learn themselves.
Erika is a warm and loving person who loves babies and her patience with crazy mammas like me has been a blessing! Erika, we cannot thank you enough for your patience and constant encouragement, especially on those sleep deprived days when everything seems gloomy, but your optimism and confidence in what you do and love was the light at the end of our tunnel xxx
Miss G had what so many babies have – reflux. It’s so hard to see your baby in pain and of course, in those early weeks you do whatever the hell you have to do to help ease that pain. Alot of reflux babies LOVE the dummy. It really can help them so much (if they will take it!). The problem arises when they grow out of the reflux and the dummy stays.
You might find yourself up multiple times a night replacing it. Or it might be that you are holding the dummy in your baby’s mouth until they fall asleep at bedtime. Or it couldbe that your baby has started catnapping as the dummy falls out and bub needs it to get through to the next sleep cycle.
When you are sure that the reflux has passed, it’s time to start thinking about getting rid of the dummy! Often parent will think that the dummy isn’t the issue as bub spits it out once they are asleep… BUT that is exactly the issue. If your baby is sucking on a dummy to transition from awake to asleep, that’s when we know they have a bit of a dependancy on it!
Miss G’s Mum was open to removing the dummy, playing around with awake times and focused on resettling her bub to stretch out those catnaps. We are so pleased to report that little Miss G took to our program like a superstar and has been kicking goals in the sleep dept for months now!
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