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Do you use CIO (Cry it out)?

No. CIO is built on the idea that you put your baby to sleep at a set time, and let them cry until they fall asleep, with no interaction from Mum & Dad until the morning. Our techniques encourage you to be in the room with your baby, comforting them as they learn the art of falling asleep on their own. However, even with the most gentle techniques, your baby will cry. This is simply your little one protesting change.

How long will the program take to work?

Often, results are immediate. The first night is typically the hardest, and by night 3, we have babies sleeping for 11-12 hours uninterrupted. Consistency is key here. If you put in 100%, then the results will show on night 1 or 2.

Our program typically takes 10-14 days and after this time, Mum & Dad can put their baby down and walk out of the room, confident that their child has learnt the skills to put themselves to sleep.

Do you guarantee your services?

The success of the program relies heavily on the role of the parents. We do everything we can to get you to your sleeping  goal, however,  we won’t be able to stand beside you for the duration of the program. We understand that little mistakes may happen along the way, but as long as the sleep program is followed consistently (for the most part!), then you are one step closer to sleeping through the night.

My baby is teething, there is no way they will be able to sleep?

Babies teethe for years! While it can definitely affect your baby’s sleep, if a solid sleep plan is in place, teething will merely be a blip on your baby’s sleeping routine for a few days.

What aged children do you work with?

0-6 years old. We deal with a host of sleeping issues. We can also help with older children whose sleep is affected by nightmares or who need Mum or Dad to lay with them every night to fall asleep.

What about reflux babies?

Yep! As long as your baby’s reflux is under control, we can help you out. We allow an extra week on the program for reflux babies, however, most of them adjust to the program within 3 nights.

What package is the most effective?

Our 3-night package has a 100% success rate. We will come to your home, take you through every part of the sleep plan,  and implement it.  I encourage Mum & Dad to catch up on some sleep for the first night or two, and get them up to speed the next morning. When we come to your home, we follow the plan to a tee. We oversee Mum & Dad over the next 2 nights answer any questions that may arise. All of our babies on the 3 night plan have slept through on night 2 or 3, and continue to do so!

My baby has a cold, can I start the program?

I would hold off on starting a sleep program until your baby is healthy. Babies need more love and comfort when they are sick. Once they have established a solid bedtime routine, we can tackle illnesses in a whole new way.

Do you work with twins/triplets?

Yes we do! Double the fun!

Sending so much THANKS to The Sleep Dept. for helping me with my daughter Ruthie’s attachment issues. Ruthie (3.5yrs old) would not go to sleep unless I laid next to her in her bed. Then she would call out for me during the night. Thanks to the wonderful sleep plan that Erika provided me, I no longer have to lay with Ruthie and she is asleep within 2-5 mins of me tucking her in! I have my nights back to myself! AND she is no longer calling out for me during the night! I can’t thank Erika enough for her wonderful help and support.

– Holly & Ruthie

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