GUEST POST from our friends at Boody Baby | 7 reasons to choose Boody Baby for your bub

GUEST POST from our friends at Boody Baby | 7 reasons to choose Boody Baby for your bub

GUEST POST from our friends at Boody Baby | 7 reasons to choose Boody Baby for your bub

There was a time when the idea of using bamboo to make clothing would have almost been laughable. Surely one of the world’s woodiest plants wouldn’t be able to produce clothing that’s both soft and comfy? Well, it does. And it’s the perfect fabric for bub.


Our friends over at Boody are pioneering the movement with their soft, simple and sustainable staples made from organically-grown bamboo. Boody Baby is an adorable range of practical baby essentials designed in Australia featuring everything from onesies to muslin wraps. 


So what is it that makes Boody’s bamboo clothing so great for baby?

  1. It’s breathable

When choosing clothing for their little bundle of joy, parents will want to find a fabric that allows their bub’s skin to breathe. Bamboo babywear is ideal for this as it allows moisture to be drawn away from your little bean’s skin and keeps them cosy and content. This is because the structure of the bamboo fibres contains micro-gaps which provide ventilation and make the fabric moisture-wicking.

  1. It’s antibacterial

Every parent knows how stained their little mucky-pup’s clothing can get. Between mushy food, dribble and the rest, it’s extra handy if the babywear you buy is antibacterial. Boody’s bamboo clothing ticks this box too, containing an antibacterial and antifungal bioagent which is retained through the process of fabrication. These properties allow your baby to remain odourless from sweat and repel harmful bacteria trying to grow on your little champion’s skin.

  1. It’s hypoallergenic

We all know how sensitive bub’s skin can be. Babies often suffer from allergies and eczema, creating dry and itchy skin which is usually worse in areas of the body with the most body heat (such as under arms or the backs of knees). Because bamboo fabric is soft and cool, it can help calm your little one’s irritated skin.

  1. It’s thermoregulating

Cosy in winter and cool in summer, the thermoregulating properties of Boody’s bamboo babywear make it extra appealing for parents. It’s important to regulate bub’s temperature because if they get too hot they find it difficult to sleep. And parents know exactly how difficult life can be when they have a tired baby on their hands!


  1. It’s eco-friendly

Today’s babies are the future of the planet, so it’s important they have a planet left to enjoy! Boody’s bamboo baby clothing is grown organically without pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers. It improves air quality, is fast-growing and regenerating and grown without artificial irrigation. What’s more, all water used in the production process is recycled and reused. Your little eco warrior is making a direct positive impact on the planet when wearing Boody.

  1. It includes UPF50+ sun protection

All Boody garments are made from a UPF50+ rated fabric to protect skin from ultraviolet (UV) damage. Your little cherub’s skin is obviously extra sensitive to the sun’s harsh rays, particularly here in Australia where they’re extra fierce. Layer bub up in Boody to help protect them from the sun, but always remember to Slip, Slop, Slap, too!

  1. It’s comfy

Perhaps one of the best things about bamboo babywear is that it’s silky-soft, making it super comfortable. Light, luxuriously soft and gentle on the skin, bamboo is a dream to wear. Boody Baby is filled with cosy, comfy and ultra-soft staples that your little one will love. It’ll be like wearing a cloud!


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