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0 - 16 weeks

What if I told you that establishing healthy sleep foundations can start right from the beginning?

Infant + Toddler
4 months - 3+ years

A complete step-by-step program to help you take your nights from exhausted + drained to calm, predictable and well rested.

In-home Visits
We Come To You

We created our in home visits for the parents just like you. Let us support you as we walk this sleepy path together.

Home Visits


An in-home visit is a great way to you are desperately wanting to establish the new sleeping habits, you want to support your little one, you want them to feel loved and safe. We get it! An in-home visit is a great way to see this is flow, let us show you how, then let us support you as you walk this journey together. Feeling like you need a little more hands on support? Look no further than our home visits

For the Mum’s and Dad’s out there who
prefer to have some extra guidance
whilst implementing a new routine
for their child.

About Erika


Hi, I’m Erika. Founder of The Sleep Dept and most importantly a Mum to a gorgeous little boy. Working with families to help establish healthy sleep habits is my biggest passion. Healthy sleep patterns have an incredible impact on families. Well rested families are happy, they are calm and they experience the best of each other. It is our wish to bring this to life in your family. We will guide you on this sleepy path, right by your side. Let us guide you as you begin to adapt to a new way. Let us meet you where you’re at.

Erika has created her own gentle techniques that have had a 100% success rate. There is no better feeling than supporting families to not only find a solution to their families sleep issues, but one that they also feel comfortable with.

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