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    We help families just like yours, sleep better and feel better

    30 minute follow up call


    30 minute follow up call + 2 x emails


    The Sleep Dept - Additional Follow Up Support

    Additional Follow Up Support

    These consultations are for existing customers who have previously purchased The Sleep Dept packages.

    Please ensure you have previously purchased a package before purchasing any additional support.

    Any calls booked by customers who have not purchased a program previously will be refunded.

    The Sleep Dept would like to thank @stephina for kindly providing us with all of the images on this page.

    Other Services

    The Sleep Dept - Newborn


    What if I told you that establishing healthy sleep foundations can start right from the beginning?

    The Sleep Dept - Infant + Toddler

    Infant + Toddler

    A complete step-by-step program to help you take your nights from exhausted + drained to calm, predictable and well rested.

    In-home Visits

    We created our in home visits for the parents just like you. Let us support you as we walk this sleepy path together.