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    Toddlers love to push boundaries to see how much they can get away with…

    If your toddler is playing up at bedtime, waking in the middle of the night to jump into your bed, having naptime struggles or needs Mum or Dad to lay down with them to get to sleep, then this package is for you.


    • A comprehensive sleep evaluation for your toddler.
    • A sleep plan for your toddler.
    • A phone consultation – please allow 30-60 minutes for this.
    • Gentle, proven settling/re-settling techniques.
    • Strategies to help your toddler love falling asleep in their bed – and stay there all night!
    • 3 weeks of email & phone support.
    • 2 follow up emails to be used within 6 months of your consultation.

    COST $495

    The Sleep Dept would like to thank @stephina for kindly providing us with all of the images on this page.

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