CASE STUDY #1 – Catnapping, Feeding to sleep and waking TWELVE times a night!

CASE STUDY #1 – Catnapping, Feeding to sleep and waking TWELVE times a night!

CASE STUDY #1 – Catnapping, Feeding to sleep and waking TWELVE times a night!

Baby’s Name – Mr H
Baby’s Age – 6.5 Months
Nap Issues – Catnapping + only able to sleep in pram or car
Nighttime Issues – Feeding to Sleep + waking up to 12 times each night


Our New Years resolution was for sleep!

And I can safely say just over a week into the New Year we are getting lots of it. I have been MIA for the end of the year as we just finished our 4 week sleep program on New Years Eve and we are now winning each night with an easy, quick bedtime routine, laying Mr H down awake in his own cot and walking out of the room and him being able to self settle falling asleep all on his own at 6:30pm and sleeping all night long until 6am when I go in and give him a feed and he goes straight back down until 8am. He also has 2 x 1-2 hourly naps during the day.

Now if you’d asked me only a couple of months ago that this was going to happen I would have laughed right in your face and reeled off our sleep time of a 1-2 hourly bedtime routine that he cried most of the way through, feeding him to sleep in the bed that we co-slept in, ever since he was a couple of months old just the two of us in a separate bedroom to my partner and ever so gently without making a single sound or moving an inch rolling out the side of the bed with total fear that even the slightest movement would wake him and I would have to start all over again.(which happened often). Sometimes only 1-2 hours later when he woke, I would re-join him in our bed which for someone so small, he seemed to take up a hell of a lot of room in and continue to feed him to sleep every few hours all night long.

We did all the no-no’s, we had numerous sleep associations to get him to sleep – feeding him to sleep, rocking him, rubbing his back, driving in the car, in the pram anything really just to get a few hours. Mr H was completely dependent on me to fall asleep. But it all hit its lowest point when we moved out of the country and he started waking every 30minutes to 1 hour ALL night long. He was cranky, I was cranky and it was not a good mix. We were barely surviving.

One night I found The Sleep Dept (@thesleepdept) on Instagram. I looked at a few of her reviews and in our desperate state I decided to take the leap and I contacted them. That’s when we met Erika who runs @thesleepdept. She is based in Sydney. We had a FaceTime call and she gave us a personalized sleep time routine and plan that we were comfortable with after taking a detailed history from us. We then arrived home to Australia for the holidays and only a couple of days later started our new routine. With 24/7 help every single day including Christmas Day, Erika was never off limits and made herself available to us whenever we needed. Now don’t get me wrong this has actually been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. There were numerous phone calls to Erika in tears late at night – her calm, rational, sincere voice at the end of the line every time got us through every hurdle. Also a lot of self doubt, Mr H started teething for the first time ever half way through and basically doing it all as a single parent as my partner was still on the other side of the globe.

Looking back, I now can’t really believe how bad it actually was and I can’t even describe the torture the sleep deprivation had on us, but now I can leave the house after 7pm at night knowing Mr H is safe and content in his cot in his own bedroom and can self settle himself back to sleep if he wakes. We all feel like a changed family and I now have more patience for everybody.

If my story sounds familiar to you wherever you are in the world, Erika can help as she is available 24/7. We have never met Erika but I’m so honoured to say we are lifelong friends and members of The Sleep Dept community. Our life is changed for the better because of her support, sincerity and commitment to us.


Poor little Mr H had gone through what all baby’s go through – the 4 month sleep regression. The toughest regression of them all. It’s the big one. The only one that changes the way our babies sleep – permanently! Once the 4 month sleep regression hits, parents will often do what they have to, to get through it. This often means feeding unnecessarily overnight, feeding to sleep, rocking to sleep, co-sleeping – anything that means everyone gets a bit more shuteye that night.

The problem comes when our babies become dependant on these ways to fall asleep. If a baby is being fed to sleep – like Mr H was – he will have no choice but to call out every couple of sleep cycles, as he simply doesn’t know how to get himself back to sleep.

This is where we come in. We will ensure we have all the information we need to determine what your baby’s sleep issue is, chat to you about the best ways to move forward based on your comfort levels, and put a plan in place that takes away all of these sleep associations and helps the whole family get the deep, restorative sleep that ALL humans need to thrive at our very best.

To find out more about the services we offer, follow THIS link. We would love to help you and your family out.

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