How did the airnest mattress come to be?

Natalie Norman, founder of Growbright, shares why she is so passionate about the airnest mattress

When I had my son Liam 4 years ago, I was really concerned about what was in the imported cot mattresses. I didn’t know where the foam had come from, what glues had been used, or what kind of off-gassing might be occurring. This probably isn’t something a lot of new parents even consider, you just trust that anything made for a baby must be safe and suitable, right? But having grown up working in the bedding industry, I have a pretty good knowledge when it comes to mattresses and what should and shouldn’t go into them. I did a lot of research on the topic, a lot of people suggested latex mattresses, as latex is a natural product, but my hesitation with this is that it is also a very hot material that retains heat, which I knew was not what you want for a baby. I ended up having Liam’s cot mattress made especially for him at work, a luxury most people don’t have access too, I realise! This is why I was so excited when the airnest technology came past me, it was the perfect opportunity to bring a clean and safe cot mattress option to other parents. 

I launched Growbright shortly before I had my daughter, Amelia (we launched in July and she was born in August!) Although I had a lot going on, I was just so eager to bring the airnest technology to the Australasian market as it has so many great features. The technology was created in Japan, they use the same type of mattress in hospitals over there because it is so easy to wash, therefore very hygienic. The mattress core is made from a food-grade polymer which can be recycled, meaning less foam and springs going into landfill! It has so many amazing benefits which are great for a baby’s sleep environment…

100% breathable

The airnest mattress has tested “off the charts” in breathability. This is great for a few reasons. The obvious one being that the risk of obstructed airways if a baby rolls onto their tummy is greatly reduced as they can breathe straight through the mattress, which gives you great peace of mind when your baby starts rolling! The other reason breathability is important, is that it means air can flow freely. Babies cannot regulate their temperatures like we can, so are at greater risk of overheating, which is a risk factor associated with SIDs. 

100% washable

It is really important that babies are sleeping on a clean mattress. It is recommended each new baby has a new cot mattress; if you think about a pillow and how gunky that gets in just one year, it’s the same with a mattress (probably worse with a cot mattress when you consider the spills and bugs babies can go through!) It’s important babies are on a clean surface so they aren’t breathing in any nasties, it’s really easy for dust mites, allergens, mould and bacteria to harbor in a mattress, you don’t want your baby sleeping on these and breathing it all in! This is another great thing about the airnest mattress, it is 100% washable. So you can wash it between spills and bugs, and in between children too- so you don’t have to buy a new one! The mattress cover is machine washable and can go in the dryer, and the core can be hosed down outside, or in the bath or shower. You can have the whole mattress washed and dried within the hour! 


Because it is so easily washable, you can easily get rid of allergens and dust mites. It is made with no chemical-based foams or adhesives meaning no allergens, off-gassing or other nasties


You can wash and then re-use the airnest mattress for multiple children, saving buying a new mattress for each child. It is also 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

Tested for firmness

Although this isn’t a mandatory test in NZ or Australia, it is important that babies sleep on a firm mattress, as anything too soft can pose the risk of suffocation. The airnest mattress has been tested in accordance and met the voluntary standard: AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 Methods of testing infants products, Method 1: Sleep Surfaces – test for firmness.

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