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SNOO Smart Bassinet

Why we love it?

This is easily one of the smartest and safest bassinets on the market right now.

It was created by a top paediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp, so you can rest assured bub is in good hands.

It uses innovative sleep-boosting rhythms to keep your baby on their back and lull them back to sleep.

Dr Karp also made sure that the SNOO’s platform has a metal shield to help block SAR (there is also a Wi-Fi off-button for parents who want to completely turn off Wi-Fi — you can read all about that HERE)

We also love that it has a firm, flat mattress to help prevent risky rolling.

The app is super easy to use and there’s even a handy weaning function to help transition your little one to the cot.

It’s an awesome addition to any new parents’ arsenal and is also great value for reselling.

Disclaimer: Product price is subject to change. Pricing is listed in USD. The Sleep Dept are not responsible for monitoring price changes from third party brands.


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